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    Creating a continuous Line Chart with Google Keyword Planner Data

    Shuyin Kagerou

      Dear People,


      I've been trying to get some monthly search data from a excel I got from the Google Keyword Planner Tool into a Continuous Line chart for keywords but I can't seem to make this happen.

      I get the feeling this is impossible to do.


      So the excel file consists of numerous rows with "related keywords"

      Each of these keywords has data for every month of the year for the "average search volume" for that month in columns


      So what I am trying to do is create a Continuous Line chart that holds a line for each keyword and the line plots the data for each month (Columns E - P)


      This sounds like an impossible taks and I haven't gotten any good results for this yet.

      I am able to create a line chart that is just "data" but it doesn't have dates and numbers that a continuous line chart requires.

      So I can't add for a example a Trend Line to it.


      I hope someone can point me in the right direction.


      P.S. If there are more files needed please let me know and I'll upload if necessary.


      Kind Regards