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    managing great number of shapes in tableau

    Dzmitry Rybalka

      Hello everyone,


      We have a dashboard of campaigns' performance(Tableau Desktop 9.3) --> every campaign has a picture(custom shape) in tableau repository/Shapes/campaign pics.


      Pictures were both png and jpeg. They added significant size to dashboard: with pics 13 Mb, without pics 2 Mb


      I changed all pictures to jpeg(5-10 Kb each) and created a new folder in Shapes


      When I tried to change couple of pictures to new ones from new folder, size of the dashboard increases dramatically.(20 Mb)(size of pictures 5-10 Kb, increase of size is in Mb).


      I tried to make reset of all pics----> size is back to 2 Mb ----> then after adding 4-5 pics from new folder(10 kb each) size is 10 Mb ----> couple of more pictures 16 Mb.

      Btw, Size of new folder is 3 Mb


      I have no idea why it is happening, and I guess the problem description is not so clear, so I can provide any further details.  Unfortunately I can not use db here or protect it.


      Thanks in advance for your help!