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    Combine 3 data into one excel, how to remove null value

    Arihant Jain



      I have 3 data set and I have combined them into 1 excel file. Data sets flow is Requisition data - PO data - Invoice data. Req # is common link between all the 3 data followed by PO #


      I have attached the excel file and tableau dashboard for reference.


      Problem -

      1.)     I want to remove the "Null" value and link that line with respective PO and Invoice

      2.)     There is chances a Requistion is linked with PO and Invoice is also linked with PO, in such case can we link Req and Invoice. I am not able to figure out formula to it.

      3.)     There can be a case like, Requisition is not linked with PO, but it is linked with Invoice and Invoice is link with PO, in such case can we link Req and PO


      Don't know how to resolve these issue, so require expert help.


      Thanks for the help in advance

      Arihant Jain