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    Tableau Online Sync-Not Syncing

    Jonald Bacay

      Hi Gurus,


      Kind assistance please in my case. I have a data source that is published online. One workbook is connected to it. The data source is coming from our company's SQL Database. Tableau Desktop where I developed the workbook is installed in our Terminal Server. So, extract is located there also, not in my local laptop. The reason for that is our TS is always awake, and is much capable to handle any running job instead on my laptop. I set up the Online Sync to "refresh run even when log off". I set-up the schedules to run once a day (full) and every hour (increment). But I noticed that the Syncing process is not running on any of the scheduled time. So, i have to manually run the sync process just to refresh my data online. What would be the cause?

      Online Sync.jpg


      thanks in advance