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    Assigning color to ranges

    Radhaiyen Parivallal



      I am currently doing a data visualization project in tableau to visualize ticketing data. I am new  to tableau and I have trouble assigning colors for varying ranges of measure. e.g from 0 to 10 green , from 10 to 25 yellow and 25 and above red. I tried creating a calculated field using an IFF statement and assigned colors based on the range, but so far i have no results. I am not sure if I am approaching the problem correctly, or my code for the calculated field is wrong.


      The sheets I am having problem with in my file are


      sheet 2: Unable to assign colors to the varying range of values. ( The calculated field is named as cumulative calculations)

      Sheet 3: One of the legends reads as none ( the one in orange. I am trying the same assigning colors thing here)


      Any solution's or advice on how to approach the problem will be appreciated. I am attaching my file with this post.