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    Data differences between Tableau and SQL


      Hi all,


      I have a questions regarding data differences between what Tableau has and what can be found in SQL.


      I have my data source setup to provide me with Leads, Accounts and Stores. The JOIN between Leads and Accounts is a FULL OUTER as we want to return all rows from both, then a LEFT JOIN to Stores from the Accounts.


      When I am filtering on a Date field that exists against the Store, Tableau finds 488 Leads, however when I replicate the query in SQL it returns 509 rows. I've narrowed it down to my missing 21 records between SQL and Tableau but cannot understand why they are not pulling through. The only filter condition in any location is the Date.


      I've been going over and over it for a few hours now, do Tableau JOINS not quite work the same way as SQL? Any other suggestions on what or why it might be happening?


      Thanks in advance!