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    Custom SQL Query: "SELECT in FROM clause not supported" error

    Daigoro Toyama



      I am having trouble running a simple custom query on Tableau Desktop 10.0.2 (64-bit) against a third-party data source (RDM 14) through its ODBC driver. It is a very simple query as follows.


      SELECT * FROM Location


      However, I get an error saying "SELECT in FROM clause not supported."


      Digging a bit into ODBC, I've found that Tableau passes the following query into the ODBC driver.


      SELECT * FROM (SELECT * FROM Location) Custom_SQL_Query


      The RDM 14 Data Source does not support this particular syntax, hence the above error.


      My question is, is it possible to configure Tableau so it will pass the original query as is? As far as I can tell, the "Custom_SQL_Query" version generated by Tableau doesn't do anything special compared with the original.


      Any help would be much appreciated.