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    Try to calculate price keeping one item within a dimension constant

    Todd DeCook

      I am trying to calculate a natural gas price based on two dimensions.  The first dimension is Henry Hub which is the base price (measure) which I subtract a regional basis gas price from to get my final price.  Henry Hub never changes, but I want the user to be able to filter through all possible dimensions for various prices.



      various pricing hubs (dimension) and price (measure) include:

      malin $.01

      socal -$.20

      henry $2.00


      I want to calulate the price of socal gas which would be henry + socal ($2.00 + (-.20))=$1.80


      Henry will always be used, but the user can calculate a new gas price by selecting different dimensions in the filter.


      From here I would like to make a calculation with this new gas price for by taking a power price / calculated user specific gas price.


      I have included an example.