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    Working with Two Data Souces (1. SQL Server Cube and 2. SQL Server Database)

    Bret Holmes

      I am new to Tableau and trying to solve a data interactivity need.

      I have a dashboard that will use two data sources. One
      will be a SQL Server Cube and the other accessing a SQL Server Database


      I will have some worksheets (Summary) that will use the cube
      data and have filters applied to those worksheets. Then setup a drill down
      mechanism to access a detail worksheet that would use the values from dimensions from the
      cube data source as values for parameters to a second data source.
      The detail worksheet would be hidden and only appear once the data was
      retrieved in the same dashboard or as a popup window.


      Actions need to know

      1. How to setup the data sources to interact with each other by using dimensions from the cube data source as
        parameters to the SQL Server database data source and run the query on demand
      2. Hide a worksheet and only display it once data appears



      Cube data source has close to 100 million rows so combining
      the detail data would make it very large, thus why I need two data sources.