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    Discrete vs. Continuous for a Line Graph using Week Numbers and One Measure

    Tracy Orwig

      I have read up on many of the comments about the differences we will see when moving data over from a cross tab or bar view to the line graph but for some reason I am still having difficulty for this one graph.  I now have the accurate data between what it should be in cross tab and also the line graph but I have a Week with an * that I can't seem to get rid of, which then inflates my overall average.  I have edited relationships so that the two data sources are similar.  Is there something else I am missing? 


      I have attached a twbx file to show the two sheets, the Batch Adherence is the correct number, so if you look at week 44 we can see 90.77% adherence with 1,015 adhered timecard hours.  However, I can get these numbers to match on the line graph but I have one random week showing at the end of the graph that I want to get rid of.


      Thanks in advance for any additional help on this one!