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    date selection

    Koti D

      Hi ,


      i have category sales bar chart , i want to show the last 90 days data from todays date, i want to show the from and to date in bar chart , in TO date i want show today() date , when ever user opens the work book i want show that date in TO date filter , and in from date i want show 90 days back date.


      Sample data:

      Sample data.PNG               

      i want to o/p like this :

      suppose  user today opens the dashboard i want like this in dashbord : from order date :    07/08/2016    to order date :7/11/2016

      suppose if he opens the dashboard on 8/11/2016 i want to like this    :from order date :    08/08/2016    to order date :8/11/2016

      when ever user opens the dashbord i want show the current date in to date filter.


      how to achive this?