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    Side by side bar with Information from 2 different fields

    cesar vila

      Dear colleagues,


      I hope you can help me with the following bar chart that I need to create.


      I have a database with data regarding when servers will be migrated. I have a field with server status (Planned, Migrated, Cancelled) at the beginning the servers is marked in this field as planned, and when is migrated or canceled status of this field is changed.


      I would like to have a side by side chart where you can see every month servers planned and in other bar severs migrated and cancelled, but since Server Status field is not keeping the status keeping I need to have this data from other field (for example I have a planned date so all servers with data on this field have been planed), the graph should be like the one you can see below (blue ones are the planned, green are migrated and grey are cancelled).


      Could you please help me with this?