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    Text table measure

    David Marin

      Hi ,


      i have created a simple text table that present the expenses of every company's group by month  ,( this is very easy to do ,)

      now i have to add  a total column that presentt the yearly budget of every group name  (column 0) , the problem is that the all  yearly budget of every compay group name  is registered January  in the data base

      so when i add it as a measure it showing me the budget column in every month that is equal to zero (except January) , i need to present only one column that the total yearly budget (column O).


      look at the attched images:



      This  an example of the  Final result that im tring to get:





      This is the screen shot of the data as it looks in the data base:



      I would very appricate it if you can help me find a way to do it




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          khalid norat

          { EXCLUDE [MONTH] : sum([budget])}


          You will need to use LOD Calculations to get the total excluding month




          You may need to divide this by 12 to get the right total for the year


          { EXCLUDE [MONTH] : sum([budget])}/ 12


          If you need further assistance please share a sample workbook and i can assist you further

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            Timothy Vermeiren

            Hi David,


            Continuing Khalid's answer, I had the same calculation in mind. You'll find it in the attached workbook. You can use this to display the budget on a monthly basis, while also showing actuals. Note that this is using a MAX() function instead of SUM(), removing the need for dividing by 12 as mentioned in the other response.


            I wanted to add that in case you need to create exactly the table view you are showing in the screenshot, you will probably be better off using two sheets, and placing them adjacently on a dashboard. See the attached workbook for this example as well. You can hide the headers (right click > Show Header) to get closer to the view in the screenshot.





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              David Marin



              Thank you all for your help and your quick response , the answares helped me slove my problem.


              Thanks again