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    use dimension(categorize) with discrete values and mesure with continues values on color marks



      I work with Tableau Public.

      I have a measure(POPULATION) on color marks on maps and I have a Dimension(AREA) with two type ('r' and 'b') on filters.

      I want change variant of the color in the sequential color range of measure(POPULATION) when I filter on Dimension(AREA).


      in sheet1:

      1- I drop a measure(POPULATION) with continues values on the in color on marks , it has quantitative legend with a continuous range of colors.


      2- I drop typically a Dimension(AREA)('r' and 'b') with discrete values on color on the marks. it has a color to each value of the Dimension(Area).


      in sheet2:

      3-I drop Dimension(Area) on shape marks in the other sheet. and I want filter on Dimension(Area) in dashboard.


      in dashboard with sheet1 and sheet2:

      I want to select one of shapes 's icon ( type of Area). After select, color of population change.


      for example: when I filter 'r' type of area ,the spectrum color of Measure(POPULATION) is color range of  red.

      and when I filter on 'b' type of area , the spectrum color for Measure(POPULATION) is color range of blue.


      it is possible?