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    Sheet containing parameter not opening on server

    sirisha G

      Hi All,


      Extracted data(single table,size 2GB) from database and published to server.Now connected to tableau server with same data extract Live from tableau desktop.

      Created 2 sheets. Published to server. Able to open sheet-2. But when i try to open sheet-1 showing error.

      The error is " unexpected error occured.If this continues please contact server administrator."

      sheet-1 contains parameter with 20,000 fields. sheet-2 contains no parameter.

      so what i am expecting is as sheet-1 contains parameter it is not opening. Am expecting right ??

      I keep on changing sheet-2 dimensions and measures but not using any parameter in sheet-2 and published to server. so i able to open sheet-2 but not sheet-1(which contains parameter).


      please help me with possible solutions.