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    Don't forget...

    Toby Erkson

      ...your corp. credit card

      ...your company laptop/tablet (or at least an app. on your smart phone that allows you to get company emails)

      ...chargers and FAST CHARGERS (if you have one) for your electronics as well as a long (6-feet/2-meter) USB cable

      ...a backpack that can carry your electronics, notes/hand-outs, pens/pencils, sweater/sweatshirt, etc.  Having your hands free is for snacking & shaking hands (or giving me a hug) is nice

      ...identification (e.g. drivers license)

      ...a personal credit/debit card as a back-up and for buying neat Tableau swag

      ...your corp. credit card (do ya get the feeling I forgot mine once?  )

      ...comfortable, broken-in, all-day walking shoes.  Boots/heels/wedges would be a better option for the evening time.

      ...a camera.  I'm an old-school SLR guy who would take a Nikon Df (if I could afford it) over my smart phone but if you don't have a real camera (SLR, point-n-shoot, etc.) make sure you're familiar with your smart phone's camera functions (e.g. flash on/off/auto) and have plenty of RAM

      ...a sense of adventure!  Explore the area while you have the opportunity to do so, strike up a conversation with any of the other 12K+ people there (every Tableau employee I've met has been super-friendly with a good sense of humor), be in the moment, and enjoy your time!

      Oh, almost forgot:

      ...a piece of lettuce, a carrot or celery stick, or tomato for Pooja Gandhi and Jonathan Drummey because they're vegetarian and will be stuck in a yummy BBQ bonanza of a town


      Is this list complete?  Probably not.  Just some feedback from my prior TC experiences of important things*.  See you in three days!







      *Some people think business cards are important -- I don't -- but bring 'em if they are important to you.