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    Sets not appearing in the tooltip

    Nathan Brown

      I must be missing something obvious. In the attached workbook under the "All Seasons FTE" worksheet, I want to create several sets: Peak, Non-peak, Full-time, Part-time to use as filters.


      When I follow the usual procedure to create a set by selecting the appropriate marks and right-clicking, the usual interlocking circles icon does not appear. I can't get to the option to create groups, either. The problem may have something to do with the data, as I can create sets and groups elsewhere in the workbook. Any insight appreciated!

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          Timothy Vermeiren

          Hi Nathan,


          I believe the reason the options for Groups and Sets are not available, is due to the fact that you are building this view using Measure Names and Measure Values. These, as opposed to using regular dimensions with one or several separate measures, do not support these functionalities.


          An alternative to enable this, would be to pivot your data to turn the Measure Names into a dimension, and all of their values into a single measure. See the following link for more information: Pivot Data from Columns to Rows


          The manipulations to do should be straightforward when working with an Excel file, which seems to be the case here. Let us know though, in case this is still unclear.


          Attached is the same workbook with the change performed already. Notice the fields "Pivot Field Names" and "Pivot Field Values" which are a consequence of this pivoting.





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            Nathan Brown

            I would have never figured that one out-- thank, Timothy!