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    Updated to 10.1, workbook won't work (Error: expected end of tag 'width')

    David McDine



      I recently upgraded my Desktop Tableau to 10.1 (Server currently running 10 as well). A workbook that was working fine in 9 is no longer opening and I get the following error. I've never received this type of error. Other workbooks are opening fine. I'm not sure what the problem is or where to even start looking. Here is the error in full:


      Fatal Error(19130,26): expected end of tag 'width' (id: FILE LOCATION]


      Has anyone else encountered this?





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          Dmitry Chirkov

          This is a bug - please submit a support ticket and they'll unblock you. Ask them if there's a way to disable XML schema checks.

          They'll probably ask you for your workbook as Tableau apparently found something there it didn't expect.


          Workbook was never manually altered, correct?

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            David McDine

            Hi Dmitry – thanks for your response.


            I’m sorry but I don’t follow what you mean by “manually altered”. The workbook was working fine in 9.3 but stopped working when I upgraded to 10.1.


            I can’t share this workbook because it has sensitive information.


            I’ll submit a support ticket to see if there is anything I can do. If you have any other advice, please share! Thanks again!



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              Dan Scott

              Hi David,

              Each workbook has a *.twb file associated with it. These are often hidden inside a *.twbx file (which is really just a zipped up directory containing multiple items). The twb file contains the description / definition of the workbook, and it is written in XML format.


              Between 9.3 and 10.1, Tableau added XML schema validation to catch workbooks (i.e. twb files) with invalid XML in them. In your case, you seem to have a twb file that contains invalid XML (it sounds to me vaguely like you are missing a closing tag, but this is not really my area). Apparently, though, 9.3 was still able to render the workbook, despite the XML error. 10.1, is less forgiving and is basically saying, "Hey! Something's wrong here!" and stops the operation, rather than risk doing something wrong and/or potentially misleading.


              Of course, your twb file should not have broken XML in it. There are three logical ways in which this XML problem could have occurred:

              1. Tableau, itself, could have had a bug in it that caused it to write an invalid twb file.
              2. Someone could have deliberately (for whatever reason) edited the twb file directly (in a text editor or something) and messed it up.
              3. Some outside x-factor could have occurred: hardware failure, cosmic rays, ...


              When Dmitry asked about manually altering the workbook, I suspect he was attempting to rule out alternative 2.


              If you open a support case with Tableau, that will allow them to investigate the problem. It may well be that the twb file can be fixed with a little judicious editing. Or they may find a bug, and prevent this from happening in the future.


              Since the twb file does not contain the actual data, but, rather, describes the structure of the workbook, providing it to Tableau may not be the security problem you fear. It's worth checking into, anyway.


              Good luck!