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    Dashboard action filter behavior

    Ramin Aliyev

      In version 9.2.4 I encountered an interesting behavior, need guidance how to navigate...


      I have two dashboards in one workbook. Dashboard 1: Overview and Dashboard 2: Details...


      The Overview dashboard includes 5 sheets. The Details dashboards include 10 sheets with "sheet swap" logic... i.e., only relevant sheet triggered through action are shown, the rest are hidden.


      Issue: when I scroll down to the middle or last sheet in the Overview dashboard, and trigger action, it takes me to the same exact page horizontal location on the Details dashboard. I was expecting it will take to the top of the Details dashboard. As a result, when I land on Details, I have to scroll all the way up to see the worksheet... This only appears after I publish to the server (on-premise), which is also 9.2.4.


      Anybody experienced this anomaly?