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    How to Select or Deselect all values from Drop down of Filter???

    Kalyan Chakravarthi Gutta

      Hi All, Need help,



      I have two dashboards, where first one is summery dashboard and second one is detailed dashboard.


      I am using action filters to navigate from summer to detailed one.

      When i click on any region below i will navigate to details dashboard: in below case i clicked on the "RASO" then in detailed dashboard it should be displaying as RASO,



      same is the case when i click on Billability or Competence Self-Assessment or others KPI name should display the respective value.


      Now my client wants to have option to Select All or Unselect All. I know i can achieve this using "Show "All" value" option in filter options, but when i enable this feature i am not getting the respective value when i navigate from Summery to Detailed dashboard as above.


      Please help on this ASAP.