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    LODs in reference lines??

    KK Ed

      Hi there,


      I have a requirement as below. Please throw some ideas.



      • Stacked Bar Chart - Showing sum(my measure) per each quarter broken down by month(current quarter: July, Aug, Sep) for selected dimension/s (multi select filter)


      • Need to have three reference lines showing the avg, min and max of all dimensions to compare against the selected dimension for the selected months.

      Things tried

      • Tried the basic reference lines, but they take only the values for the selected dimension for three months and calculate the Avg, min or max.
      • Tried if I can use LODs to achieve the same. But no luck yet.
        • Used the formula : {FIXED Selected_Dimension: Sum(measure)}
        • I was hoping by using the above LOD expression, It will take all dimension members irrespective of my selection and give me the avg min or max. But seems like it's just taking the sum(measure) all months for the selected Dimension.

      Please help me if this is even possible?


      Appreciate your help!