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    Changing # views counts for dashboards on Tableau Public


      Hi everyone,

      we have published 4 vizzes to our Tableau Public account where each viz contains multiple dashboards. We have utilized the "share" options and Embed Code to embed the views in our district website.

      Under each vizz on the home page, one can see number of views. This number obviously grows as users are viewing the vizzes.

      I have noticed an inconsistent count where the number viewed changes with pretty good fluctuation when one drills into the vizz to navigate the dashboards.

      For example: The number of views reported under the main vizz was 1414. I clicked on it to drill into and browsed the dashboards for this vizz. When I returned to the main/home page, the number was 2162 views. When i closed my browser and returned to the home page again, the number was 1420. I expected the number to grow from 1414 to 1420, but when i click and drill into the vizz, the number shown is in the 2162.

      The oddity is consistent between different browsers.

      Any ideas on why this might be happening?

      Thank you.