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    Cloudera Hive ODBC: Error from Server: ETIMEDOUT

    James Vaughan

      Hi folks-


      I've got Tableau on a Windows server configured with HiveServer2 to create extracts nightly, with all the appropriate pieces-


      - It's marked as HiveServer2,

      - It's using Username Authentication,

      - It's got a username, "tableau"


      Typically, this has been working for a long time, but since our latest publish of a few workbooks we're seeing nightly failures for seemingly no reason whatsoever.


      Running with the exact same configuration locally on a Mac succeeds, and there are plenty of other connections that are succeeding, including each of the individual data sources when I go to the server and click "Test Connection" for each of the dashboard's data sources.


      Despite all of this, every attempt to run the refresh fails every time on the server.


      Digging into the logs yields nothing from Hive's side; it's almost like the connect simply gets dropped.


      Does anyone have advice for investigating or fixing this?