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    Blending data with start and end date condition

    Cyril Belmehdi



      I made it simple for the example but my real case is using Salesforce for which I can't do greater or equal join condition.


      Let say I have some sales amount for product categories.



      On the other side I know there was a campain for each product category and I'd like to isolate the sales related to the campain :



      It's easy to manage as long as I keep a granularity of a report at the date level. It's a blending on the Category plus a filter saying :


      ATTR([Date])<= ATTR([Campain].[End Date]) AND ATTR([Date])>=ATTR([Campain].[Start Date])


      The result is good :



      My problems start when I want to aggregate at the Product Category level. I can't calculate my condition anymore.



      Any idea how to do that. I must miss something, it's a very basic and usaul operation for.


      Here is the workbook attached, I found a way to do it using window calculations and index (Test with calc step 1 and Test with calc step 2) but it's not elegant. Isn't it a better way ?