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    one database table in Excel-Style. How to sum this?

    Thorsten Lieder



      I use a database file (Access) where the most tables are normalized.

      BUT one table includes values I need as a sum of rows :-(


      The table is like this:





      With created parameters (also used for other operations) I read the year and the month-from and month-to

      (here the month-values are in value_1 to _12


      The job is to sum for example region = Berlin, year = 2015, month-from = 3 (mar) to month-to = 9 (sept)  (from value_3 to value_9)

      SORRY, it's a access-table, connected to other tables a well, I can NOT pivot it.


      Does anybody have an idea how to summarize this with a function or a created field???


      Thank you!!!