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    10.1 bugs - Public and Online issue?   - <verified issue >

    Mark Fraser

      Hi all


      Just upgraded to 10.1 and now I can't publish certain workbooks to Tableau Public (error = operation timed out) << i will raise with Tableau support

      The workbook is something I run daily and have previously uploaded hundreds of times without issue. It appears I'm not the only one (my workbook is 137kb)  

      >> Tableau 10.1 Is Here | Tableau Software

      I'm also seeing an issue with swapping between servers/ sites in DesktopTableau Desktop appears to retain the server/site settings from any workbooks with Server data sources but then when opening a second workbook I am unable to amend any details

      the only way to swap is to amend the connections on the first workbook and then reopen the second.


      Personally while I appreciate the rush to include new features etc. Tableau is (meant to be) enterprise software (business customers pay for Public...) and releasing software with so many issues is affecting my confidence in the product (I dont want to think like this How Far away is 10.1? but maybe I have to). The testing/ beta program needs extending - please just release 'working' products, that's what business customers need!

      This happens too often >> Known Issues | Tableau Software



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          Marcus Cristenson



          I have the same issue - operation timed out - with Tableau Desktop 10.1 (on OS X) when publishing some workbooks to Tableau Online. Workbooks using Google Analytics works fine, but workbooks using Postgres does not (extract and live both fails). I have submitted a case to Tableau support.

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            Kate Stott

            I'm getting what I think is a similar problem. I've opened a workbook that was previously saved on Tableau Public and have made changes but when I come to save it back into Tableau Public after less than a minute of active processing I get a 'operation timed out' message.


            I'm completely stuck and will now lose all this new work.


            Any thoughts on how to get round this.    (I'm working on Tableau Public 10.1 on a Mac OS Sierra 10.12.

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              I am also experiencing issues with publishing data sources since 10.1, including inability to publish new data sources (both text files and Google Analytics) and failures using Tableau Online sync client to update data.


              I've also opened a ticket with Tableau.

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                Mark Fraser

                Hi Kate/ all


                Thank you for confirming there does appear to be an issue...

                I too have opened a ticket with support - and also referenced this thread.

                Any thoughts on how to get round this.    (I'm working on Tableau Public 10.1 on a Mac OS Sierra 10.12.

                Unfortunately i dont have an answer - I can refresh using desktop just not publish, its simply caused publishing to stop

                (interestingly - i could upload superstore to public to its not all workbooks - as to any further than that, i dont have the time to investigate).


                As for configuration I'm using Windows 7, 10.1 Desktop with Chrome, also tried Firefox, same result, therefore I don't believe its a browser issue.

                To be clear, the same workbook/setup/ process worked fine on Tableau 10.0, 10.0.1, 10.0.2, the issue is 10.1.


                If/ when I make any progress/ hear anything from support - i will update this thread.




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                  Marcus Cristenson

                  Hi Nick,


                  I got the following suggestion from Tableau support (My Account Settings is located in Tableau Online):


                  This shows that the amount of connections that are trying to refresh are exceeding the limit allowed. Along with the error, the message "To get automatic login working on desktop from this machine, log into this server from a browser, click on your username, click My Account Settings, and click the Clear All Connected Devices". Has this step been attempted?


                  It did not solve my issues, but it might be worth a try?





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                    Good suggestion.


                    I tried that somewhere in the process of debugging, but hadn't tried it recently.


                    Unfortunately, this didn't seem to fix any of the problems I'm encountering.

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                      Patrick Van Der Hyde

                      Mark and team,


                      I checked on this and the issue is a known one.  Please keep publishing with v.10.0 to Public for the time being.  That should work fine.  The issue is with 10.1 Desktop.  A number of cases were reported and this is being investigated now. 


                      Thank you,



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                        Thanks for the information.


                        Is this a known issue with the non-Public version of Tableau too?

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                          Update to below:


                          Tableau Desktop 10.1.1 has been released with a fix that will correct the issue for all Tableau Online and Tableau Public users. You can read the release notes here: Release Notes | Tableau Software


                          Please upgrade your Tableau Desktop or Tableau Public client to 10.1.1 with the following links:


                          Alternate Downloads Site | Tableau Software  -- For Tableau Desktop


                          Download Tableau Public -- For Tableau Public


                          Thank you again to everyone who reported this issue, and thank you all for your patience while we investigated and then implemented a fix!


                          For any Tableau Online users who are experiencing issues with the sync client (such as Lucus Gordon), the sync client should automatically update to 10.0.1 when you upgrade Tableau Desktop. In the event that you still experience issues after upgrading Tableau Desktop, try the following steps:


                          1. If the sync client is set to Run Continuously, change it to Run When Logged In.

                          2. Exit the sync client by right-clicking the icon in the system tray and choosing Exit, or, if the client UI is open, click on the gear icon and click Exit.

                          3. Open Tableau Desktop 10.1.1 and go to Server > Start Tableau Online Sync Client.

                          4. If desired, set the sync client to Run Continuously once more.


                          The sync client should now be able to contact Tableau Online and refresh successfully. If not, please submit a support case so one of our Tableau Online Support Engineers can help you out!




                          Hey guys!


                          Thanks for reporting these issues with 10.1. I can speak specifically to the error "operation timed out" when publishing data sources or workbooks. Our developers have investigated the issue and are working on a fix for it, but we don't yet have an ETA for when the fix will be deployed.


                          nick.altmann The issue has been reported in both Tableau Public and Tableau Online. I haven't personally seen any reports of it happening with users on Tableau Server, but that may just be because 10.1 just came out and there aren't as many organizations using 10.1 extensively yet.


                          I'm monitoring the progress of the issue here internally and will post in this thread to let everyone know when a fix is released. It will also appear in the Release Notes, identified with Issue ID 578676.


                          In the meantime, the workaround is to publish the data source or workbook using Tableau Desktop 10.0, as only version 10.1 is affected.

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                            Patrick Van Der Hyde

                            I have updated the thread title to be a bit more informative about the issue and placed Sarah's comment as the "Correct Answer" for the moment so that people can quickly find and verify the fact that we know about the issue and what the workaround is.  

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                              Lucus Gordon

                              Sarah Hermann I am also having this issue between Tableau Desktop 10.1 and Tableau Online 10.1. However as I have already saved my workbook in Tableau 10.1 I am not able to open it in Tableau 10 due to the non-backward compatibility feature of Tableau. How do you suggest I work around this to be able to upload my workbook to Tableau online?

                              Further, the Tableau Sync Client is also unable to communicate with Tableau Online - how can I force the Tableau 10 sync client to run instead of the Tableau 10.1 client?



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                                Yuri Fal

                                Hi Lucus,


                                As a workaround you may edit your *.twb file directly (it's a plain XML after all).

                                Simply replace every instance of the string version='10.1' for the version='10.0'


                                Hope this could help.




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                                  Mark Fraser

                                  Thank you Sarah - I can confirm I can publish again to Public in 10.1.1 (and thanks for incrementing the version - saved a problem with 10.1 workbooks!! )


                                  For everyone else who had a problem - upgrade to 10.1.1...

                                  Release Notes | Tableau Software


                                  Alternate Downloads Site | Tableau Software


                                  Thanks for the quick turnaround, appreciated.




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                                    Hey everyone, just wanted to confirm what Mark noticed. We dropped Tableau Desktop 10.1.1 which should resolve the issue for all. I've edited my original post with details and download links.


                                    Mark Fraser Thanks for updating the thread too!

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