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    # of records?

    Vishal D

      How do I calculate the # of records of underlying data and not the aggregated data which I am showing in widget



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          Matt Lutton

          {FIXED: SUM([Number of Records]} will always return the underlying total # of records -- otherwise, the measure is aggregated to the level of the dimensions in your view/worksheet. Its an LOD expression: Top 15 LOD Expressions | Tableau Software


          You could alternatively just build a second sheet with SUM(Number of Records) on Text by itself, and that would give you the total # of underlying records as well.

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            Vishal D

            Matt, for some reason the Fixed logic is also not working.

            I attached the twbx, on tool tip of pie chart I want to show count of # of underlying records.


            For e.g - Quality - there are 6 records and count should be 6 but I am getting only 1


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              Rudranshu Praharaj

              Hi Vishal,


              I am having trouble connecting to data in the given Tableau workbook.


              But I would suggest using the LOD expression something like this { Fixed [Least_granule_dimension]:[sum ( Number of Records)]} .


              Try and fix the LOD with the least granule dimension available, see if that works.


              Also could you attach another sample file for me to take a look, if this does not work.