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    Full list of UK postcodes by postcode district?

    Philip Gladwin

      I am enjoying plotting heatmaps of the UK at the level of postcode district, e.g. KT12 4HD I'm using "KT12" - also known as the outcode I'm told.
      However, I have a few missing districts and these show up as 'holes' on my filled map.
      Where can I find a full list of outcodes that Tableau 10.1 uses so I can discover which postcode district I'm missing on my map?
      Thank you.




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          Dan Huff



          We actually have some datasources built into the install of Tableau Desktop that could help here. You can actually connect directly to our Zipcode level geocoding database by opening the ZipCode.tds file in C:\Program Files\Tableau\<your Tableau version>\Local\data . If you connect to this as your primary source and then blend in your postcode data, you may be able to tell which ones you are missing in the UK.


          I hope this helps out a little bit.