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    Custom sql error while joining 3rd table

    Rakesh Cherukuri

      Hi Guru's


      I am getting the below error while joining the 3rd table. When using only 2 tables then I am not getting error.


      • Database error 0x80040E14: Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression '[Memberfilecount$].[CreditUnion] = [MatchedMembersProspects$].[CreditUnion] inner join [Closed Loans$] on [Memberfilecount$].[contract_number] = [Closed Loans$].[contract_number'.
      •   ; The query: SELECT TOP 1 * FROM ( select [MatchedMembersProspects$].[CreditUnion],[MatchedMembersProspects$].[Count], [Memberfilecount$].[CreditUnion], COUNT ([Memberfilecount$].[contract_number]) AS [Memberfilecount], COUNT([Closed Loans$].[contract_number]) as [ClosedloanCount], [Closed Loans$].[borrower_1_email_address] from [Memberfilecount$] inner join [MatchedMembersProspects$] on [Memberfilecount$].[CreditUnion] = [MatchedMembersProspects$].[CreditUnion] inner join [Closed Loans$] on [Memberfilecount$].[contract_number] = [Closed Loans$].[contract_number] group by [MatchedMembersProspects$].[CreditUnion], [MatchedMembersProspects$].[Count], [Memberfilecount$].[CreditUnion], [Closed Loans$].[borrower_1_email_address] ) [Custom SQL Query]


      Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks. 

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