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    Calculating percentage of month passed so far (weighted weekends)

    Rob Rimmer



      I am trying to add a few measures to my dashboard relating to how much of the month has gone, how many days in a month, and using these values to estimate volumes of calls our business is likely to receive by the end of a month.


      So far i have the following:


      Days Gone in Month: DATEDIFF('day',(DATEADD('day',-(DAY(TODAY())-1),TODAY())),TODAY())


      Days in Month: DATEDIFF('day',DATEADD('day',-(DAY(TODAY())-1),TODAY()),DATEADD('month',1,DATEADD('day',-(DAY(TODAY())-1),TODAY())))


      Days Remaining in month: DATEDIFF('day',TODAY(),(DATEADD('day',-(DAY(TODAY())-1),(DATEADD('month',1,TODAY())))))


      % Month Gone: [Days Gone in Month]/[Days in Month]


      I think these expressions achieve my initial goals, but I now want to be able to weight weekends so that they account for half of a normal day, or failing this don't count at all.


      Do you have any ideas on how to achieve this?