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    How to rearrange header values from a secondary data source?

    Joe Proulx

      We are still on Tableau 9.1.


      We are analyzing some of our book close data, and we're trying to determine the number of hours logged during a two-week book close period, which we call "Day-5 to Day 5". I have a primary data source of timesheets from Tableau Server, and I blended in a secondary data source that contains the labels of "Day -5, Day -4, etc".


      What I want to do is be able to compare these day labels between months using a view like this:




      What I'm struggling with is that I need 'Day-5' to be on the far left, followed by 'Day-4', and so on. But I can't get the header labels to move. Any ideas? The labels are an Excel file so I can manipulate them if need be, but I was hoping there'd be a simple solution to this.