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    Creating Start and End Date parameters using SSAS

    Matthew Kuchers

      Need help figuring out how to create start and end date parameters (or filters) using SSAS as a data source rather than SQL.


      I have multiple visuals in which I need to figure out how filter them by dates. I know I can drop a date field onto the filters shelf and filter by month or day or year. What I need is to be able to create a parameter or filter which acts as a start date and another one which acts as an end date similar to how this article describes...

      Creating a Filter for Start and End Dates Using Parameters | Tableau Software

      I've used the above article to create start and end date parameters in the past using custom SQL but now that I'm working off of a pre-created report connected to a data cube, this functionality does not appear to be available. I've tried a couple different things, including dropping a date field on the filters shelf and creating a condition where that filter must operate between the start and end date parameters and that doesn't seem to work. As you can see from the screenshot below, I've got quite a few date fields to choose from using the cube. I've been trying to get the parameters to operate off of the 'Date' field to select exact start and end dates. Any advice??