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    Use a parameter to change views that link to different data sources

    Nathan Masters

      Hi All


      I'm a beginner, so please be patient. I am trying to derive a parameter filter that will refresh views based on 2 disparate  data sources.


      Essentially, if "A" parameter control is selected, then views from data source 1 will be returned. If "B" is selected, then views from data source 2 will be returned.


      Alternatively I can create two separate dashboards that independantly link to each data source. Interaction is then required in two dashboards. However, I am trying to avoid this and have a user that interacts with a single dashboard, but they have the option of interacting with either data.


      Can someone please assist. I am struggling to find information that supports what I am attempting to derive.


      I hope I have made sense....


      Thanks for your help.