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    Calculate week over week change independently

    Max Wong

      Hi all,


      I was wondering, is it possible to calculate week over week (WoW) change without the need to use the Quick Table Calculation in Tableau? Is it also possible to calculate without having to rely on the previous value within the table? The reason for asking this is because I am trying to show the change of value using smiley faces and I want the values to remain when selecting a specific week (refer to images below).


      All Weeks_smiley faces.png

      Image 1. Using the quick table calculation, I am able to show the difference in % change across the table for all 12 weeks. The smiley faces does not work due to it relying on the original value of the calculated member "Conversions". The colours are correct since this is based on "delta Conversions".


      One Week_smiley faces.png

      Image 2. The value for Week 12 is suppose to be -100% and not null. Is there any way to show the value -100% without having to hide Weeks 1 - 10? This is because I need to show the values on the dashboard when a user selects a specific week


      Below is the calculated member for the smiley faces used based on the values:


      IF [Conversions] > 0 THEN "Up"

      ELSEIF [Conversions] < 0 THEN "Down"

      ELSEIF [Conversions] = 0 THEN "No Change"

      ELSEIF [Conversions] = NULL THEN "No Change"



      Just some extra information, the dataset I am using is connected to Microsoft Service Analysis and it would be great if there is a way to calculate WoW change using calculated fields or calculated members. Also, the week was created as a set and used as a filter based on the Dimensions from the datacube. Unfortunately, I am unable to export my workbook since it contains client information.


      Any help/hints would be much appreciated. Thanks!