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    Getting 'Null' in list of selected values in my dynamic worksheet title

    Chris Lanning



      I have set up a dynamic title by putting one or more dimension fields in my title (ie "Observation Stay Length, MCA: <MCA>, LOS: <LOS Group> and Observation: <Observation KPI>").  Looking at LOS Group, this field is also set up as a quick filter.  My quick filter looks like this:

      If I deselect all entries in the quick filter and then click on entries, they are added to the graph and the title is also correctly updated.

      The problem occurs when I first select the '(All)' box and then un-select one of the choices.  Then, out of nowhere, I get a 'Null' option in my title


      There are no Null values in the data set for this field and I cannot even figure out a way to filter the 'Null' out.