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    Showing Current Month Run-Rate VS Previous Month

    Frank-Michael Idrees

      Hi lovely Tableau Community,


      I have some trouble with the visualitztion of some calulated metrics. In the picture below you see that I have a raw table of data with some sales metrics (for the Months of October and November). Lets asume the date is the 7th of November and I want to transfer the Raw Data to the table visulized to the right (Result Table how it should look in Tableau). Below Raw Data are all Metrics that are required for creation of the calculated fields. Basically I want to show the Previous Months Sales Data/ This Months Sales Data/ This Months Run-Rate Forecast and the Forecast VS the last month. The calculated fields are all working like Run Rate etc. are all working fine but when it comes to visualisation I have trouble Spliting the Data in the described columns. My first Idea was to create a calulated field that labels the sales dates 'Previous Month' and Current Month:


      "if YEAR(Sales Date)=year(today()) AND  MONTH([Inspection Date])=month(today())

      THEN 'This Month'


      YEAR(Sales Date)=year(today()) AND  MONTH([Inspection Date])=month(today())-1

      THEN'Prev. Month'


      Sales Date=today()

      THEN 'Today'



      This worked partly for to show Previous Month and Current Month in Viz but today for example was excluded in This Months, but I want even today to be included in This Monthh MTD and as separated Column. And I have atm not really an Idea how to get Run-Rate and Run-Rate vs Prev. Month IN.


      It would be very helpful if you can share some ideas in how to do it without going to complex



      Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 1.58.34 PM.png