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    Dynamically update Tableau dashboards

    Abishek M

      Hi All,


      Let me summarize my problem below -


      What I have - I have a .NET data entry tool which lets users enter projects under their respective countries. This data sits in a SQL db and I have Tableau dashboards summarizing the projects that have been added under these countries(Previous year value, growth etc..)


      What I'm trying to achieve - My Tableau dashboard isn't dynamic currently. I use a predefined project list. Now a new requirement needs me to dynamically update the dashboards with data for projects that are added from the .NET tool. I currently have one sheet for each project as it was a static list. Now I cannot use that approach anymore since projects are going to be added dynamically.


      What i want - Suggestions as to how I can dynamically visualize data for new projects that have been created from the .NET tool using Tableau.


      I have attached a screenshot of the dashboard of what I have built. Essentially if Project C is added from the tool it needs to show on the Tableau dashboards like Project A and B does.


      Thanks in advance.