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    Simplifying an LOD expression

    Matt Hong

      How would you simplify this expression?


      { FIXED [CaseId]: SUM(

          if [Pivot Field Names]=='Q4A A1'  then

              { FIXED [CaseId], [Pivot Field Names]: COUNT(

                  [Pivot Field Values]== "A company I'd definitely consider"



      )} == 1


      Thank you!

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          Stoyko Kostov

          If I understand correctly, you want all CaseIDs for which there is exactly one pair ([Pivot Field Names], [Pivot Field Values]) with the value ('Q4A A1', 'A company ...').


          Would something like this work?


          { FIXED [CaseId], [Pivot Field Names], [Pivot Field Values] : SUM(IIF(Name='Q4A A1' AND Value='A company ...', 1, 0)) } == 1