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    creating calculated field that doesn't interfere with other numbers

    David Lu

      I'm not sure how to really ask this question which is why the title is pretty strange.  I am creating a bullet graph based off of employee satisfaction survey results.  If you look at the screenshot below the questions associated with Engagement are going across the x-axis and the y-axis shows the positive results for each question.  I also have a filter in place where a user can choose a particular government agency.  Currently it is toggled to US Army: 



      The issue arises when I try to add in Governmentwide as a baseline.  Since Governmentwide is included as an option in the same filter as US Army, I created a calculated field to get Governmentwide numbers: 


      When I pull that calculated field into the Details block, I get a bullet graph, but when I inspect the numbers more closely, it's actually lowering the US Army figures because it's taking into account the Governmentwide numbers and averaging them:



      My question is two-fold; 1) is there a way to create a calculated field that will not average the numbers together?  2)  More advanced, is there a way to create a dynamic baseline calculated field so that a user can choose other Agencies as a point of comparison instead of always comparing to Governmentwide?