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    Filter product when ingredient excluded

    Justin van Tussenbroek

      Hey guys,


      I need some help with my problem.

      I have a productlist (with most of the time) multiple ingredients.


      In my sheet there is an exclude ingredient filter.

      Now the specific ingredient just filters out of the product, and the product will only disappear out of the product list if all the ingredients are excluded.


      What i’m trying to do is:

      When filtering on an ingredient, all the products containing that ingredient get filtered out of the product list.


      And 3 little things that make this a bit more difficult.

      • I can't use an workbook. (Because the data is sensitive)
      • I can't use an parameter because i need to be able to select multiple ingredients.
      • The ingredients are multi-language. Controlled with a parameter.



      Let me know if anything needs to be specified.


      Thanks in advance!




      EDIT: Now with an packaged workbook as an example.