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    dashboard actions to pass a subset of fields to next viz

    Sarah Delaney

      I have a dashboard with a bar graph of headcounts for a specific year by college where the year is controlled by the user selecting cohort type and year parameters.


      Before I click on anything, this is what loads:



      I want the user to  click on a bar and have the other vizzes to show breakdowns for that college for ALL years in that cohort type, not just the year selected in the bar viz. So, I want the bar viz to only pass the college and cohort type  to the other vizzes.  I thought this would be easy, but I'm stumped.


      This is what I get after clicking on a bar:



      Anyone have ideas on how to suppress the year from the action ?

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          Maciek La

          Hi Sarah!

          Thanks for posting at the Community Forums


          It would be awesome if You could provide us with the packed Tableau file (.twbx) so we can provide you with more 'tailored' solution.


          For now it looks like all you need is to select fields in your filter menu. I can see that you are using 'Use as a filter' option in the bar chart.

          Navigate to Worksheet > Actions > Filter (it should have 'generated' in name) >Edit. You should see something like this:Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 6.21.11 PM.png

          Note the bottom part - Target filters. I assume that you have 'All fields' selected. Switch to the 'Selected Fields' and add only College and Cohort fields. This solution is only true if Cohort type and year are filters and not indeed parameters. For Parameters it might be necessary to provide us with .twbx.






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            Sarah Delaney

            I can filter on college if I add the college field as a selected field filter on the action like you suggested.


            The cohort type is a convoluted parameter that actually changes the field that is being selected and not just the value.  I'm not able to add it in and have it return records. We plan to rethink this, so this dashboard may have a fixed cohort type in the short term.


            The data is confidential or I would post the workbook.