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    If statement with overlapping groups?

    Bob Liu



      I have a set of metrics and I have to look at them by a few different periods: Full Prior Year, Current rolling 12 months, prior rolling 12 months, Current Year to Date and Prior YTD.


      In the data set I created flags like T/F for each periods, like I have a column for Full Prior Year with T or F in each row.


      Basically I want the final product in a chart format.


                          Full Prior Year || Current rolling 12 months ||  Prior rolling 12 months || Current YTD || Prior YTD

      Measure 1

      Measure 2

      Measure 3


      I want to get all of them on one sheet but the different evaluation period overlap with each other, so I can't use IF or Case statements. Is there a way to create a calculation to account for the overlaps?