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    Performance of computing visualisation is very slow, even in Tableau Reader

    jiya khan

      Thank you everyone !.. i could add the bullets for the columns in the chart..

      However the performance is very slow.

      The performance of computing visualisation is very slow.

      It is taking 4 to 5 seconds in sheets ,whereas when I add multiple sheets on dashboard it’s taking some 30 secs or more for loading the data.


      Tried below things.


      • Use extract (instead of Live connection)
      • Did Optimize Extract


      Still the performance is very slow..


      Workbook is not published to server as of now it is viewed in Tableau Reader ..

      Hence need suggestions in optimizing the workbook and improving computation performances.


      Chart Built : Conditional formatting in crosstab view – sample chart is below (this is not the real data)..

      Conditional formattng.png