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    How to combine sets to a dimension?

    Orlando Suarez

      So I have a DIMENSION Called "Market/Region". This "Market/Region" has all the DMA's in the country.


      However we also create special custom regions by randomly combining some of those DMA's in a set. In the example below 12 DMA's were placed in a SET to create the new "Acura Blue" region.


      My question is how can I now take that new custom "Acura Blue" SET and fuse it back into the "Market/Region" DIMENSION so when I take that "Market/Region" Dimension pill and I place it on a row or column shelf the Dimension will include the custom region in it's column?

      By the way, the reason I'm using a SET and not GROUPING is because I will be using calculations. Also, I realize that Tableau 10 does this with visual mapping but I just need it in plain text/numbers format like a spreadsheet


      Please see the diagram below for a visual explanation of what I'm trying to do. I working with protected company info so I cannot attach my workbook.


      Thanks in advance for your help with this!

      SET DIAGRAM.png