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    Rounding to the hundredth or tens place for large numbers

    victor chan

      I have a number in the hundreds of thousands.


      It looks neater when looking at a lot of numbers to at least round the last digit. But I can't get this to work with commas, I can get decimals to behave when Tableau thinks it is in the thousands, but not with commas. Any ideas? Ideally, I would do this in formatting and not as a calculation as that would be many calculations to modify. I just can't get the Tableau number format to understand I want one digit and not three when entering a "0" or "#" in the custom formats.



      Here is an example of what I mean:




      is the same as:



      Even though two "#"s have been removed after the first comma, it is still recognizing as a thousands precision.



      At which point it looks like this (with the before mentioned format of #,.0;-#,##0):

      What gives? It only recognizes it with decimals. Then I can add two dummy 0s under quotation marks of "00":


      How can I get this decimal behavior with commas?


      Thanks in advance.