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    Javascript API getData order

    Larry Newdorf

      I'm using the Javascript API in Tableau 10 and trying to extract data from our worksheet via Tableau Server.  The viz is a text table where I have each Dimension I want to display in the Rows shelf.  The viz renders fine, but when I use the Javascript API to get the data, using getUnderlyingDataAsync(options) and then getColumns() as well as getData(), it returns the data in alphabetical order of the Dimension name.  For example if I had an address, the viz would be displayed in the correct order of Street, City, State, and Zip Code, but then using the Javascript API the data returned is ordered: City, State, Street, and Zip Code.  I am sure I could use a prefix to have the data come out in the order I would like, but I wanted to check to see if the data order result is something that I am doing or is just how the API is, and if anyone has come up with a simple workaround for it.


      Thank you for your assistance!