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    Aggregate Top N & Sort not matching

    Tim Mattox

      The workbook does not aggregate & sort on a Top N calculation as it does without the Top N. Top N = 15.


      Select Dallas on both tabs: The Categories Geo tab includes Food Initiative with a count of 8. Not listed in Top N categories.

      Select Birmingham on both tabs: Categories Geo tab includes Repair Financing & Quality Teachers, which are not included in Top N categories.

      Why do they disappear from the Top N?


      Need these to match with counts for each category and when grouped, and for the grand total number.

      Got the Top N sort structure from this community.

      Help. Please.

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          Stoyko Kostov

          Hi Tim - this can be achieved by adding the Assessment Area filter to the context. Just right-click on the filter and choose "Add to context".


          The reason you are seeing this discrepancy is that when the filter is not part of the context, the Top N will be applied before the filter, meaning that your top 15 categories will be selected for all assessment areas, and filtering by assessment area won't change that.


          When the filter is part of the context, it is applied first, and then Top N is applied on top of that.


          Hope this helps - let me know if you have other questions.