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    Year Over Year Calculation needs to be done in 2 Dimesnsion


      Hello All,


      I have a requirement to calculate the Year over Year based on two Different Dimension.


      For eg. Dimension Column : Date and Location


      Date          Loc          Measures

      05/2015     ABC          10.0

      05/2015     XYG          20.0

      05/2015     WEF          5.0

      05/2015     JKL           4.5


      05/2016     ABC          11.0

      05/2016     WEF          6.0

      05/2016     JKL           5.5


      In the above sample data i have 4 loc in 2015 and only 3 loc in 2016 i have to calculate the YOY only for the 3 common location between the month year and Loc in tableau.


      Appreciate really Quick response.


      Please let me know for any more details required.


      Message was edited by: Raghu Thimmaiah All, Can some body help with the the issue which i am facing.