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    Can I hide the Tableau header?

    Marc Alexander

      I have a set of dashboards that are customer facing and would like to eliminate any unnecessary elements like the Tableau header.  I know about the embed parameter, but then it left aligns the whole dashboard and that isn't acceptable.  Is there another option to strip off the navigation element and header bar?


      Tableau Header.jpg


      We are hosting this on Tableau Server 10.0.


      Many thanks for your help and feedback,



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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Mark -


          Short of doing something fairly unnatural and unsupported/undocumented (like hacking the HTML partials of the web portal or CSS files), there really isn't a way to do this.


          Can you explain what you mean when you say that a dashboard gets left aligned when you embed it? Maybe a screenshot with what you "see vs. what you want"?  Embedding really is the right solution based on your requirements. It almost sounds like you just need to modify the "hosting page" to center-align the div or iframe you're working with. This would have less to do with Tableau, and more to do with web dev.

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            Jeff Strauss

            In addition to the embed parameter option, if there is an option to deploy a external facing customer portal (outside of Tableau), then you can leverage the Javascript API to render the dashboards within your portal and hide all the Tableau built-in navigation.


            Also, there is a open case related to being able to collapse the top nav bar which was an option within 9.x, but is yet to be built-in to 10.x

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