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    Blending data on dates not adding up.

    Andrew Jurgens

      HI All,


      I have an SQL database that records timesheet entries of staff per day. I have linked a staff cost excel table and created a "cost to serve" calculation that multiplies hours by cost rate for each entry.


      All is working well so far.


      The problem lies when I try and blend a revenue table.


      The revenue table uses the same job code structure and then against the first of the month as a date we record the total sales figure.


      When I create a worksheet to show me revenue and cost by month I either get no revenue if I click on the date linking icon or if unlinked, I get the overall revenue total repeated for every month.


      In summary I am wanting to create a Sales/Cost/Profit per month worksheet. The SQL database can't change and the staff cost per hour table is static and seems to work. The revenue table can be put together in whatever way gives me the result I need.


      So, what is the best way to put this together?


      Your insight would be greatly appreciated.